The Resurfacing Technology

The product of choice is the EP-ACRYLIC system manufactured by Integrity Coatings out of Dallas, Texas. These are the finest products that we know of available today. Repeatedly giving exceptional results in varying tests in different conditions for more than 10 years, Integrity’s products have proven their quality, durability and safety over time. They are isocyanate free for the protection of technicians and clients alike.

We are Canada’s exclusive distributor for Integrity Coating, the world’s leading manufacturer of bathroom fixture refinishing coatings and supplies.

EP-Acrylic is a high performance, acrylic-based coating that offers all the advantages of acrylic urethane and more. This quality coating system was developed for the bathtub refinishing industry with one major improvement. It contains No Isocyanates! This means it is safe for use in homes, and around food and people, as well as in professional business setting and doctor’s offices.

EP-Acrylic is a high-solid acrylic based multi-purpose coating system. This high performance two-component, ambient-cured system (developed without isocyanates) cures by the reaction of a carboxyl with poxide.

EP-Acrylic coating systems are designed for use wherever exposure to a wide variety of elements is anticipated and whenever marring or scratching is a problem or continued endurance is desired over an extended period. The appearance, exceptional adhesion, low curing time and temperature of this system is suitable not only for metal and concrete surfaces, but also for newer structural materials, such as polyester fiberglass, structural foams, porcelain, steel, cast iron, ceramic tile, nylon, and many plastics.

The EP-Acrylic system has been found to be superior to epoxies and acrylic urethane re-surfacing systems, and is the leading coating system in the kitchen and bathroom industry today.

EP-Acrylic is a highly durable specialized and custom designed coating which has developed to meet constantly changing refinishing industry needs.

The Advantages of using EP-Acrylic

  • Outstanding Durability

  • High UV and Colour Retention

  • Fast Drying

  • Fast Drying

  • Long-term Durability

  • Excellent Adhesion on All Types of Materials

  • Maintains Water Repellency

We are Canada’s Exclusive Distributor for Integrity Coating

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ICC Affiliate Program

What is it?

The Integrity Coating Canada Affiliate Program is a network of resurfacing specialists across Canada. Each member is ICC Certified in the use of EP AcrylicTM and related process, has a proven track record of experience, and represents a standard of service that clients count on.
Many of our affiliates started out by coming to our training center for the certification program, and then launched their business armed with a complete package for success.

Other Benefits of Affiliation